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Divine Rakhis

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EK Onkar Divine Thread  align=
Sober Rudraksh Rakhi in AD  align=
Swarovski OM Rakhi  align=
Swarovski Om Rakhi
US$17 / Rs. 990
Sai Baba  align=
Sai Baba
US$11 / Rs. 672
OM Rakhi in AD  align=
Om Rakhi In Ad
US$15 / Rs. 875
Threesome Rudraksh Thread  align=
Beaded Om Thread  align=
Beaded Om Thread
US$5.18 / Rs. 310.00
US$3 / Rs. 155
Dazzling OM Tie  align=
Dazzling Om Tie
US$8 / Rs. 475
Flower 18kt Gold And Diamond..
US$111.05 / Rs. 6650.00
US$98 / Rs. 5850
Crystal Rudraksh Emotions  align=
Blesssings of Rudraksh  align=
Blessed With Divinity  align=
Blessed With Divinity
US$13 / Rs. 772
Quadratic OM Rakhi  align=
Quadratic Om Rakhi
US$5.01 / Rs. 300.00
US$3 / Rs. 150
OM Chain Rakhi  align=
Om Chain Rakhi
US$17 / Rs. 999
Swarovski Colored Rakhi  align=
Swarovski Colored Rakhi
US$20 / Rs. 1190
Colorful Tri Om Thread  align=
Colorful Tri Om Thread
US$7.18 / Rs. 430.00
US$3 / Rs. 200
Om Ganesha & Swastik Rakhi  align=
Ek Omkaar Dial Silver Rakhi align=
Gold Lakshmi Tray  align=
Gold Lakshmi Tray
US$18.54 / Rs. 1110.00
US$15 / Rs. 885
Swarovski Krishna Rakhi  align=
Swarovski Krishna Rakhi
US$20 / Rs. 1190
Om & Kalash Rakhi  align=
Om & Kalash Rakhi
US$19 / Rs. 1150
Swarovski Swastik Rakhi  align=
Swarovski Swastik Rakhi
US$17 / Rs. 990
Swastik 18kt Gold And Diamon..
US$133.59 / Rs. 8000.00
US$117 / Rs. 6999
Diamond Studded OM GANESHA Rakhi align=
Divine Shankh Rakhi  align=
Divine Shankh Rakhi
US$11 / Rs. 649
Kalash OM Rakhi  align=
Kalash Om Rakhi
US$5 / Rs. 285
Blessed OM Rakhi  align=
Blessed Om Rakhi
US$11 / Rs. 649
Endearing Rudraksh Beads  align=
Endearing Rudraksh Beads
US$4.68 / Rs. 280.00
US$3 / Rs. 180
Rudraksh Swastik Rakhi  align=
Rudraksh Swastik Rakhi
US$10 / Rs. 599
Wooden Swastik Beauty  align=
Wooden Swastik Beauty
US$5.01 / Rs. 300.00
US$3 / Rs. 150
Shankh & Rakshabandhan Rakhi  align=
Shiv Shankar  align=
Shiv Shankar
US$9 / Rs. 550
Premium Patta Ganesha Rakhi  align=
Ganesha Rakhi in AD  align=
Ganesha Rakhi In Ad
US$17 / Rs. 999
Ganesha Kripa - Gold Rakhi align=
Diamond Studded OM Rakhi align=
Diamond Studded Om Rakhi
US$48 / Rs. 2849
Tri OM Rakhi  align=
Tri Om Rakhi
US$4.43 / Rs. 265.00
US$2 / Rs. 132
Wooden Swastik Rakhi  align=
Wooden Swastik Rakhi
US$5 / Rs. 295
Ek Onkar Premium Tie  align=
Ek Onkar Premium Tie
US$8 / Rs. 485
Diamond Studded Encircled OM GANESHA Rakhi align=
Trishul OM RAKHI  align=
Trishul Om Rakhi
US$3 / Rs. 150
Om Ganesha Dial Silver Rakhi align=
Rudraksh in Beads  align=
Rudraksh In Beads
US$4.17 / Rs. 250.00
US$2 / Rs. 125
Swarovski Paisley Rakhi  align=
Swarovski Paisley Rakhi
US$20 / Rs. 1190
Diamond Studded EK OMKAAR Rakhi align=
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Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious day when all the Indian sisters wait eagerly to show their love for their brother wherever they are. It's the dream of every sister to make this day as special as it can be for their brother. To turn their dreams into reality Virtualrakhi.com vows to stay with the sisters who want to make this day a memorable one for their brothers. Gift your brother a divine Raksha Bandhan by tying a Divine rakhi around his wrist. A very special way of showering god's blessing into your brother's life.

The Divine Rakhi comes in a beautifully crafted design with dazzling stones and additional yummy sweets and chocolates to make this rakhi more memorable for your brothers. Present them with a touch of divinity with this rakhi as we have pictures of god and goddesses engraved on it. This will surely bring luck to your dear brother! The rakhis are adorned with colorful beads, golden motifs embedded with American diamonds. Send Divine Rakhis for enhancing your brother's life to the fullest.

Other than that the additional delicacies that comealong with it add charm to your Divine Rakhis India. And that's not all! We are sending free Tikka(roli and chawal) with every pack you purchase as an added bonus. On top of that we are charging no extra cost for shipping in India! So send Divine Rakhis India without worrying at all. Apart from that, we deliver worldwide also at a very minimal price. So what are you waiting for? Get your pack of Divine rakhi now and celebrate the joyous festival of Raksha Bandhan in a more spiritual way!