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Gifts For Babies 

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Baby Bath Tub

US$19 / Rs. 1275

Clip Cloth Hanger for Baby

US$7 / Rs. 490

Boppy Nursing Pillow

US$20 / Rs. 1375

Happy Sleeping Time Combo

US$11 / Rs. 750

Mee Mee Baby Care Combo

US$19 / Rs. 1270

Travel Pillow with child Seat Belt

US$17 / Rs. 1175

Newborn Babies Socks

US$7 / Rs. 490

Spoon and Toothbrush for Kids

US$6 / Rs. 425

Baby Potty Seat

US$22 / Rs. 1475

Baby Bather

US$20 / Rs. 1375

Cute Dustbin for Kids

US$6 / Rs. 375

Bottle, Towel and Pillow for Baby

US$33 / Rs. 2250

Blue Heart Photo Frame

US$4.04 / Rs. 275.00
Savings: 28%
US$3 / Rs. 199

Dual Heart Photo Frame

US$4.04 / Rs. 275.00
Savings: 28%
US$3 / Rs. 199

Bib Shape Photo Frame

US$4.78 / Rs. 325.00
Savings: 31%
US$3 / Rs. 225

Pink Dual Heart Photo Frame

US$3.67 / Rs. 250.00
Savings: 30%
US$3 / Rs. 175


US$6 / Rs. 406

Marley The Music Accordion Dog

US$28 / Rs. 1899

Premium Gift Set

US$11 / Rs. 749

Wibbly Wobbly Train

US$7 / Rs. 499

Playskool Learnimals Chompin Opposites Gatoriffic

US$16 / Rs. 1099

Sturdy Gym Stand for Babies

US$15 / Rs. 1025


US$10 / Rs. 649

Chicco Classic Breast Pump

US$26 / Rs. 1749

Chicco Physiological Teat Sil Adjustable 2 Pcs

US$5 / Rs. 349

Disinfectant for Feeding Bottles & Teats New Sterilsistem 1 L

US$7 / Rs. 499

Chicco Anti-Bacterial Absorb Nursing Pads 30Pcs

US$7 / Rs. 499


US$5 / Rs. 349

Feed Bott Evol Natglass 150ML 1FSIL EPGRGBF

US$9 / Rs. 599

Chicco Teething Ring Gel Fresh Relax Ice cream Yellow

US$4 / Rs. 279

Chicco Disinfectant for Feeding Bottles & Teats New Sterilsistem

US$5 / Rs. 349

Chicco Teething Ring Gel Fresh Relax Cherry Pink

US$4 / Rs. 279

Fisher Price Bead Ball Game

US$9 / Rs. 599

Fisher Price Toy Telephone

US$12 / Rs. 849

Funny Gas Out Game from Fisher Price

US$18 / Rs. 1249

Fisher Price Stack and Roll Train

US$10 / Rs. 649

Fisher Price Chain Link Game for Infants

US$5 / Rs. 349

Fisher Price Pull Along Turtle

US$12 / Rs. 799

Fisher Price Pop and Push Elephant

US$18 / Rs. 1199

Pink Heart Photo Frame

US$3 / Rs. 225

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Find The Cutest Gifts For Babies

Rakhi is a festival of colourful rakhis and gifts. This is one festival of India, which is celebrated with a series of rituals and ceremonies. For such ceremonial festival, we have super attractive gifts to be sent to your dear ones just to double their joy. This is the festival that is equally special to kids and adults. As this is a celebration of love between siblings, a brother and sister, we have put together all the gifts very thoughtfully. Rakhi brings along a lot of memories and nostalgia of the past. It is reminiscent of the childhood memories of everyone. If kids and babies are considered, it is all the more special, as they are on the building stage of their memories. So we have handpicked beautiful and interesting gifts for babies for rakhi.

Rakhi is falling on 29th August in 2015.

Talking about the range of gifts for babies, we have a wide variety for you to choose from very thoughtful products from the famous kid’s special brand Chicco. This range includes a wide assortment from the brand Chicco. Ranging from the delightful milk bottles, to milk bottle warmer, you will be rest amazed. Check out the very super utility gift like this colourful teether for the teething babies. Also the amazing feeding set for babies comes with all the necessary accessories. Gift any of this to just amaze more than the baby, her mom.

Stop Here If You Are Looking For The Best Rakhi Gifts For Kids

Kids are very special. They, because of their innocence and clear heart, speak the truth out. If they like the gift they say they like it and if they don’t , you get to know that instantly. Hence we have very thoughtfully handpicked a range of gifts for you to choose from. Be it gifts for kid brothers like these spider man inspired gifts that are the spider man trolley bag and spider man soft toy or gifts for kid sister like the smiling doll chair which is so adorable that you can’t resist gifting it to your little princess sister, we have it all.

Apart from gifts for kids, we also host other rakhi gifts like zari rakhis that are so beautiful and exquisite that your bro will not be able to get over its charm. These beautiful rakhis will completely adorn the wrist of your bro.

Also check our our rakhi with photo gifts, that allows you to send personally touched gifts for rakhi, our range of sweets/mithai that also come in sugar free form and dry fruits which are like the essentials for this festival of rakhi.

Send Rakhi And Rakhi Gifts Hassle Free Via Virtualrakhi.com

We allow you to pick from various interesting rakhi gifts like rakhi sweets, dry fruits, personalised gifts and so much more. For you to send rakhi gifts for USA, we have a different page all together and we also offer delightful services like free shipping and same day delivery.