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Strawberry Band Combo  align=
Strawberry Band Combo
US$5.39 / Rs. 320.00
US$4 / Rs. 220
Mr. Incredible  align=
Mr. Incredible
US$4.21 / Rs. 250.00
US$3 / Rs. 150
Spider man Rakhi in Action!! align=
Rakhi Bottle  align=
Rakhi Bottle
US$3 / Rs. 200
Playing  Krishna Rakhi!! align=
Playing Krishna Rakhi!!
US$3 / Rs. 199
Bill shaped Eraser Rakhi  align=
Powerful Spiderman Rakhi !! align=
Bal Hanuman with Sweets!! align=
Admiriing Bal Hanuman !! align=
Admiriing Bal Hanuman !!
US$3 / Rs. 199
Hello Wangba  align=
Hello Wangba
US$4.42 / Rs. 262.50
US$3 / Rs. 162
Rattle Baby Rakhi  align=
Rattle Baby Rakhi
US$4 / Rs. 250
Chotta Bheem Krishna  align=
Chotta Bheem Krishna
US$4.21 / Rs. 250.00
US$3 / Rs. 175
Doremon Kids Rakhi!! align=
Doremon Kids Rakhi!!
US$3 / Rs. 149
Krishna Kids  Rakhi!! align=
Krishna Kids Rakhi!!
US$3 / Rs. 149
Ganesha Rakhi with Sweets!! align=
Unique Cartoon Kids Rakhi  align=
Hearty Light Smiley  align=
Hearty Light Smiley
US$3.87 / Rs. 230.00
US$3 / Rs. 170
The Great Khalli  align=
The Great Khalli
US$3.87 / Rs. 230.00
US$2 / Rs. 121
Super Mario Rakhi  align=
Super Mario Rakhi
US$5 / Rs. 285
Ghatothkach  align=
US$5.68 / Rs. 337.50
US$3 / Rs. 188
Big-Eyed Puppy align=
Big-eyed Puppy
US$3 / Rs. 198
Cute Pencil Rakhi  align=
Cute Pencil Rakhi
US$4 / Rs. 250
Pretty Premium Spark Rakhi !! align=
Cute Despicable Me2  align=
Cute Despicable Me2
US$4 / Rs. 230
Cute Little Doraemon  align=
Cute Little Doraemon
US$4 / Rs. 251
Fuleco Mascot FIFA 2014 Big  align=
ABC Baby Rakhi  align=
Abc Baby Rakhi
US$4 / Rs. 265
Chef Tom  align=
Chef Tom
US$3.87 / Rs. 230.00
US$2 / Rs. 130
Adorable Baby  align=
Adorable Baby
US$4 / Rs. 210
Doremon Kids Rakhi  align=
Doremon Kids Rakhi
US$4 / Rs. 250
Cat Girl  align=
Cat Girl
US$4.42 / Rs. 262.50
US$3 / Rs. 162
Harry Potter  align=
Harry Potter
US$5.05 / Rs. 300.00
US$4 / Rs. 225
Cute Pokemon Kids Rakhi !! align=
Cute Doraemon Rakhi  align=
Cute Doraemon Rakhi
US$5 / Rs. 290
Tennis Kitty Rakhi Combo  align=
Tennis Kitty Rakhi Combo
US$5.05 / Rs. 300.00
US$3 / Rs. 199
Light Panda with Rabbit  align=
Light Panda With Rabbit
US$5.39 / Rs. 320.00
US$4 / Rs. 220
Blue Flower Baby Boy  align=
Blue Flower Baby Boy
US$4 / Rs. 265
Gangnam Style  align=
Gangnam Style
US$4 / Rs. 255
Bravo Khalli with Balika Vadhu  align=
Bravo Khalli With Balika Vad..
US$5.01 / Rs. 297.50
US$3 / Rs. 175
Iphone shaped Eraser Rakhi  align=
Baby Boy Rakhi  align=
Baby Boy Rakhi
US$4 / Rs. 250
Chota Bheem Rakhi!! align=
Chota Bheem Rakhi!!
US$3 / Rs. 199
Rockstar Bal Ganesh Rakhi!! align=
Pen Kitty Rakhi Combo  align=
Pen Kitty Rakhi Combo
US$5.05 / Rs. 300.00
US$3 / Rs. 199
Los Merengues Football Club  align=
Los Merengues Football Club
US$8.42 / Rs. 500.00
US$5 / Rs. 275
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Rakhi is regarded as one of the finest and special occasions for all Indians. Brothers, irrespective of age get the advantage of excess love showered on them by their sisters. Sisters in return, wait for this special day to show their unending love towards their loving brothers. Virtualrakhi.com deals best with this kind of occasion. So after thinking about your darling little brothers, we proudly present the most happening rakhis of all time. Here we have special rakhis in store for your special brothers out there! Choose from the different varieties of Kids Rakhis and show them how much you care.

Our wide range of rakhis have various pictures of cartoon characters embedded on them such as Chota Hanuman, Winnie the Pooh, Doraemon, Donald Duck and so on. Apart from cartoon characters we also have famous characters from well known T.V. serials like Balika Badhu, the famous Khali and many more. You will get a glance of the Famous movies like “3 Idiots” in your set of rakhi also. As an additional surprise for your younger ones we offer free puzzle cards for them with the rakhi you are going to order. Another surprise! Along with the rakhi that you will purchase we are also giving away free Tikka(roli and Chawal) That’s not all! We are also giving away yummy sweets and lip smacking chocolates with our rakhi pack to ensure that your brother just can’t stop smiling. Kids rakhi India will definitely force your younger Superman to remember this day forever. Also send Kids rakhi India to your brothers staying in India for free! Yes, absolutely free! Now, the brothers staying abroad get a reason to smile. Virtualrakhi.com knows that love hates boundaries. So we, at Virtualrakhi.com deliver worldwide at a very minimal amount. So what are you waiting for? Grab a set of Kids Rakhi right now and make this rakhi a special day for your dear kid brother!