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Rakhi Gifts to Canada (Free Shipping)

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Boondi Laddoo with Rudraksh Rakhi  align=
Drenching Fragrance  align=
Drenching Fragrance
US$15 /Rs. 840
Rosy Yellow Rakhi Thali  align=
Rosy Yellow Rakhi Thali
US$33 /Rs. 1848
Five Threads with Kaju Katli  align=
Smart Chandan Beauty  align=
Smart Chandan Beauty
US$14 /Rs. 812
Bal Hanuman Twins Rakhi  align=
Red Vines Rakhi Combo  align=
Red Vines Rakhi Combo
US$24 /Rs. 1372
Shimmering Bright  align=
Shimmering Bright
US$15 /Rs. 840
Kaju Katli with Rudraksh Rakhi  align=
Beaded Kalash Combination  align=
OM Bracelet align=
Om Bracelet
US$14 /Rs. 812
Khanda Sahib Bracelet  align=
Khanda Sahib Bracelet
US$14 /Rs. 812
Auspicious Thread with Kaju Katli  align=
Happiness & Delighted Moment  align=
Kalash Thread & Hankie Set  align=
Relish This Time  align=
Relish This Time
US$14 /Rs. 784
Beaded Thread with Balushahi  align=
Balushahi with Pearl Rakhi  align=
Kaju Katli with Pearl Rakhi  align=
Red Green Combination  align=
Red Green Combination
US$14 /Rs. 812
Designer Yellow Thali with 2 Rakhis   align=
Divine Rudraksh  align=
Divine Rudraksh
US$21 /Rs. 1173
Paisley Kundan Hanging   align=
Paisley Kundan Hanging
US$33 /Rs. 1848
Shiva Bracelet align=
Shiva Bracelet
US$14 /Rs. 812
Kitkat Minis Combo  align=
Kitkat Minis Combo
US$39 /Rs. 2176
Affection Remains Same  align=
Sending Ur Way  align=
Sending Ur Way
US$14 /Rs. 784
Hanuman Rakhi Chocolaty Combo  align=
Hersheys Family Bag Combo  align=
Beautiful & Bright  align=
Beautiful & Bright
US$16 /Rs. 896
Inspirational Silver Touch  align=
Kundan Moti Hanging   align=
Kundan Moti Hanging
US$36 /Rs. 2016
Dori for Bhai  align=
Dori For Bhai
US$14 /Rs. 812
Balushahi with Rudraksh Rakhi  align=
Chocolaty 2 Rakhi Hankie Set  align=
Balram Krishna Rakhi  align=
Balram Krishna Rakhi
US$19 /Rs. 1056
Rudraksh Thread & Hankie Set  align=
Premium Beaded Set  align=
Premium Beaded Set
US$32 /Rs. 1820
Recollect The Good Times  align=
Party Bag Combo  align=
Party Bag Combo
US$78 /Rs. 4357
YOYO Spiderman Rakhi  align=
Yoyo Spiderman Rakhi
US$20 /Rs. 1092
Cherishing Memories  align=
Cherishing Memories
US$16 /Rs. 896
Boondi Laddoo Combo  align=
Boondi Laddoo Combo
US$38 /Rs. 2156
Wonderful Brother  align=
Wonderful Brother
US$15 /Rs. 840
Radiance of Beads  align=
Radiance Of Beads
US$14 /Rs. 812
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Raksha Bandhan is a very special occasion in Indian culture and till today it is celebrated in the most auspicious and spiritual way. It is a holy bonding which holds every sibling together for the rest of their life. It is a festival celebrated by every Indian all over the world. We at Virtualrakhi.com believe that such occasions should never be disrupted due to distance. So to continue the essence of Raksha Bandhan even in countries far away from India, we present the Rakhi in Canada a gift pack from our website for all the brothers staying in Canada.

Our Rakhi Canada gift pack is a pack full of surprises! It contains two well crafted rakhis which will show your affection that you have for your brother. Beautiful colorful stones shine through out the way, giving the rakhis an elegant and sophisticated look. And not only that! The pack also contains exclusive handmade envelope which is so beautiful that it will blow your brotherís mind away! Send Rakhi Canada now to enjoy all the facilities given to you.

To make your rakhi sweeter we are also gifting you some lip smacking and mouth watering sweets. It is a perfect combination of elegance along with sweet delicacies. To add more spice to your fun we are also offering you free Tikka(roli and chawal) with every rakhi gift that you order. We are not done yet. We want to give you a last surprise before you go! We are giving away free shipping Rakhi Canada to double your excitement. Shipment will be sent via USPS first class international mail with delivery confirmation. It will reach your brother within 5-7 business days. So send rakhi to Canada now and wait for a call from your loving brother any day!

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